Support the 14th Autism Europe International Congress

AsIAm, Ireland’s Autism Charity is honoured to be hosting the 14th Autism Europe Congress in Dublin in September 2025.

The congress serves as a platform for experts, professionals, researchers, and stakeholders from around the world to come together and discuss the latest developments, research findings, and best practices related to autism spectrum disorders (ASD). This event provides a unique opportunity for networking, learning, and collaboration in the field of autism.

The theme of the congress is:

“Quality of Life – Research, Policy and Practice”

The congress will take place in the iconic Royal Dublin Society (RDS), Ireland’s largest conference and exhibition centre. Nestled in the heart of Dublin, the RDS seamlessly blends historic charm with modern facilities, providing a dynamic backdrop for meaningful discussions, groundbreaking research, and transformative experiences. With its spacious exhibition halls, versatile conference spaces, and cutting-edge technology, the RDS offers a platform where innovation thrives and ideas flourish.

Join us at the RDS and embark on a journey of discovery, empowerment, and collaboration.

We welcome an opportunity to engage with commercial and non-commercial groups who wish to support the Autism Congress 2025 through sponsorship and or exhibition.

For further details contact Kasia Mahony at

Why Support Autism Congress 2025?

Knowledge Exchange

The congress attracts participants from various countries, including researchers, clinicians, educators, policymakers, and individuals with autism and their families. This diverse international audience allows for a rich exchange of ideas and experiences.

Community Building

Supporting the Autism Congress will help build and strengthen the autism community. Bringing people together creates a sense of belonging, shared purpose, and mutual support.

Advocacy and Awareness

Various advocacy initiatives and awareness campaigns will run as part of the congress. By supporting these events, you contribute to raising awareness about autism spectrum disorders and advocating for the needs and rights of individuals on the spectrum.

Global Collaboration

The congress provides a platform for global collaboration. By supporting the Autism Congress in Dublin, you contribute to the global effort to understand and address autism spectrum disorders. You can influence policy discussions at local, national, and international levels.

Networking Opportunities

The congress provides opportunities for social interactions and networking among participants. This event is organised in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere and allows attendees to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and establish professional relationships.

Promotion - Exhibition Area

Within a designated exhibition area, organisations, institutions, and companies will showcase their products, services, and research initiatives related to autism. This space will allow attendees to learn about the latest technologies, therapies, and resources available in the autism community.